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TAB Motion AGM Batteries

TAB Motion AGM is a VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery with positive pasted plates (gravity casted) produced in Absorption Glass Mat technology.

+ 30 % higher energy density
   in comparison with flooded battery,
+ Very low selfdischarge rate,
+ No corrosive exhaust (applicable for
   food industry and pharmacy),
+ Robust desing, stroke and
   vibration resistant,
+ Low charging factor (1,08)
   lowers energy consumption,
+ Electrolyte is kept immobilized
   in AGM (prevents leakage if
   housing is broken),
+ High starting performance…

+ Caravans and mobile homes,
+ Boats,
+ Wheelchairs,
+ Cleaning machines,
+ Alarm systems,
+ UPS and PV systems ...

IU charging characteristic:

Uch =14,4-14,8 V


IUIa charging characteristic with equalizing charge step 2:




Umax=15,8V max 2h                                                                                                                                                                                    

Continuous charging (standby):

U=13,5 - 13,8 V / bat at 20°C

Number of cycles: 400 (IEC / EN 60254-1 / 25 °C)