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BATER Stationary Batteries

BATER is a Polish manufacturer that produces complete classic SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) stationary batteries with tubular plates – manufactures both cells and stands. BATER is also an authorized representative of leading professional VRLA battery manufacturer: EnerSys company – one of the world’s largest manufacturers of batteries.

The use of stationary batteries

    Professional stationary batteries are used as standby power supply in telecommunications, energy, industry, hospitals, public facilities and on the railway. Due to the high reliability they constitute a secure source of supply of operating rooms, telecommunications centers, mobile devices, control and protection equipment in power stations and switchboards, emergency lighting systems. They are also used for energy storage in solar, wind, hybrid power plants and in many other highest responsibility systems.

Stationary battery structure

Stationary battery is made of:
  • the set of proper number of cells or monoblocks connected in series to achieve desired operating voltage, batteries can be paralleled to achieve higher capacity and thus longer reserve time,
  • stands assambled on insulators in order to eliminate battery capacity loss due to flow of leakage current.