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ALLPOWERS Global is a trusted manufacturers’ representative in the field of motive-stationary power and renewable energy. Backed by a team of 15 odd years combined experiences, it strives to deliver the highest quality of US and EU-made products across America, Europe, Asia and Oceania markets, focusing on specific niche of verticals and industries.

ALLPOWERS Global began like other start-ups - built on a vision, crafted out of a garage. With a strong belief in our clear vision to provide the best outdoor gear for off-grid living, we have grown to be the best at doing it. It's through our commitment to R&D that has molded us into what we are today.

We innovate, design and produce state-of-the-art products that improve the lives of those living off the grid. We strive to build products that engrave extraordinary moments into the hearts of each human being.

ALLPOWERS Global is proud to be the Authorised Agent for RELiON, Fullriver Battery, Bater, Nuova Elettra, Genasun, Blue Sky Energy, Victron Energy, OutBack Power and Morningstar. Your off-grid power is our core responsibility. We are also a Select Partner of APC by Schneider Electric offering its full spectrum of UPS solutions across all verticals.