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KiloVault® HLX Series™ Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries
KiloVault® HLX Series™ Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries

KiloVault® HLX Series™ Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries

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KiloVault® HLX Series™ Deep Cycle Lithium Batteries

The KiloVault® HLX series were designed and tested to meet the demands of high-capacity inverters and chargers, in either an off-grid or grid-tied + storage setting. The HLX Series’ lithium battery technology stores and delivers energy more efficiently than traditional deep cycle batteries, requiring no maintenance on your part.


  • Flexible – Works in 12, 24 or 48V configurations
  • Gives You More- You can use the full battery’s capacity, discharging it 100%
  • Long-life- Even after discharging it completely 2000 times, 80% of the capacity remains.
  • Maintenance Free – No watering required, or cleaning of hazardous chemicals
  • High Efficiency – Giving you up to 12% more use-able stored energy
  • Smart Investment – Lower cost per watt-hour/cycle and longer lifespan than lead batteries
  • Safer – No thermal run-away issues as with other lithium technologies
  • Heavy Duty -Takes up to 150A of continuous charging/discharging current, meeting the tough demands of serious inverters and chargers
  •  7.5 Year Warranty


The Safer Lithium Battery Technology
KiloVault’s LFP technology isn’t subject to the thermal run-away issues as with other lithium technologies. No active cooling needed.

Batteries with Depth
Hammer the battery with 100% discharge every day, like you mean it and even after 2000 cycles 80%+ of the battery’s energy capacity will be there for you. Discharge it less and the story gets even better.

Batteries that Don’t Need Babysitting
No regular watering required or wanted. No cleaning off of acid along the terminals. No dangerous off-gassing. No equalizing. No desulphating. Just wire them up and go about enjoying your life.

Higher Efficiency, Less Waste
You will get 8 to 14% more useable stored energy compared to lead acid batteries, thanks to higher efficiencies in the HLX series.

Smart Investment
Your cost per watt-hour stored per cycle over the HLX series’ lifetime will be less than lead acid batteries, reducing the headache of buying and changing out batteries every few years.

Integrated Bluetooth for Monitoring
Built-in Bluetooth and the convenient KiloVault HLX app make monitoring battery health and performance easy.

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