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Charging solutions for mobile elevated work platforms

Higher performance included.

Delta-Q’s reliable scissor lift and boom lift battery chargers tolerate difficult conditions to efficiently charge lead acid and lithium-ion batteries.

Dirty construction sites and poor charging habits pose a challenge that Delta-Q’s scissor lift and boom lift chargers are ready to meet. Our sealed QuiQ and IC Series charging solutions tolerate common breakage factors and deliver charging profiles that can flexibly charge different battery chemistries and brands. QuiQ and IC Series chargers can easily integrate across multiple access platform products.


Product cross reference

Delta-Q’s charging solutions are used in the following types of mobile elevated work platforms.


Machine category Scissor lifts Boom lifts Hybrid boom lifts

Application description Aerial platforms for work at height. Aerial platforms for higher work than with scissor lifts. Hybrid diesel/electric power for longer run times, inside/outside work.

Battery pack voltage 24V 48V 48V

Battery pack capacity 225 Ah 300-400 Ah 300-400 Ah

Application Needs Aerial work platforms need durable, sealed chargers for difficult on-board environments. Users that deeply discharge the batteries require a charger that can begin recharging even in very low pack voltage conditions. Batteries can be poorly maintained, and the brand/model can be inconsistent. Users may not switch the charge profile to accommodate the new batteries, requiring a versatile charging profile.


Reliable charging solutions

All Delta-Q charging solutions are proven to withstand difficult environments. The IP66-rated seal prevents water, mud, and vibration from affecting charger performance. This feature comes standard on all QuiQ, IC, and RC Series products. 

Charge quality

Delta-Q has commercialized over 200 charge profiles for different lead acid and lithium-ion batteries, including brands such as Trojan, U.S. Battery, Discover Energy, Fullriver and EnerSys. These profiles are extensively validated in the company’s battery lab and in the electric vehicles and industrial equipment sold by our tier 1 OEM customers. Each charger can be loaded with multiple profiles to provide flexibility in a manufacturer’s supply chain, and in the aftermarket.

Machine integration

Delta-Q can support a manufacturer's integration of the charger into the machine, including custom programming. Charge status and other metrics can be displayed on the machine’s control panel or through a remote LED. IC Series chargers have the option for CAN bus programming.

Global flexibility

More than other types of equipment, chargers for scissor lifts and boom lifts have to tolerate poor power quality on construction sites. Efficient power electronics design enables Delta-Q chargers to cope with these conditions and recharge lead acid or lithium-ion batteries. Our chargers have a broad AC input range of 85-270V, enabling global use on any single-phase electrical grid. Wide regulatory approvals allow their use in aerial work platforms sold internationally.


Scissor lift and boom lift battery chargers


IC650 Battery Charger

650 W battery charger for electric lift trucks, floor care machines, aerial work platforms and scooters.

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QuiQ 1000 Charger

1000 W charger for use in golf cars, utility vehicles, floor care machines, and aerial work platforms.

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