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InSight Series Webinar | Lithium Golf Cart Battery from RELiON

The lithium battery market is witnessing an increase in adoption as more consumers are discovering the major advantages of lithium over traditional lead-acid batteries. As the market increases, more lithium options are becoming available, making it difficult to decipher which lithium battery to choose, especially for your golf car. The truth is, not all LiFePO4 batteries are created equal.

This is where our new InSight Series comes into play. Performance, precision, and quality make InSight Series unlike any lithium golf cart battery on the market today. Built from the ground up by a team of battery experts with nearly 200 years of combined experience in the Golf/Utility Vehicle-type segments, it’s the only battery designed specifically to meet the power and energy needs in all types of golf cars. This equates to a lithium battery that's simply superior. Find out why in this webinar recording with RELiON's VP of Product & Strategy, Christine Feodorov, presenting.

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